• Voice quality issues?

    Does your deployment suffer from audio issues such as stuttering and dropped calls?

  • Call routing issues?

    Do some audio calls fail to establish at all? Does screen sharing suffer network issues?

  • Reliability issues?

    Do you have general reliability issues that affect service up-time?

  • We can help!

    Our team specialises in analysing and resolving challenges you may be facing. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we could help.


We often hear of Unified Communications horror stories. They unnecessarily damage the reputation of proven solution’s like Skype for Business, and give your staff the impression that VoIP based products are unreliable. This is simply untrue; a well planned and implemented solution will always deliver to your expectations.

We would love to help improve your Skype for Business experience. Lexel offer a unique Skype Rescue service with a no fix/no fee guarantee. This means you can take advantage of our expertise at no risk; if we cannot find your issue, there is absolutely no charge.